The history of Lecital counts since 2001. From the very beginning we’ve been focused on nothing but delivering lecithin products of the best possible quality. Years of experience and fruitful cooperation helped us to develop a reputation as a reliable team of professionals.

Today Lecital is one of the main suppliers of lecithin and its derivatives in many countries. Long-term partnerships with our international colleagues, as well as over a decade of experience in lecithin, gave us the opportunity to offer to our customers a wide range of lecithin products manufactured all over the globe. We are actively developing exports of lecithin, executing regular deliveries to Europe, Asia and Americas. Representative office LECITAL - Ukraine handles sales and sourcing in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. LECITAL Russia – is focused on sales and sourcing, acting as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Our geographic presence encourages us to focus on a highly demanded Sunflower Lecithin. We are in close contact with many Sunflower crushing plants, which allows us to have consistent access to the source of Sunflower phospholipids.

Our infrastructure includes a head office in Vienna, representative offices in St.Petersburg and Moscow along with offices in Kharkov and Yalta. Our warehouses are located in St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Kharkov, and also in Rotterdam, which allows us to provide maximum efficiency of supply to our partners.

Other news
27 October 2016
Lecital attended the International Conference “Oilseed Industry” on 27.10.2016 (St Petersburg, Russia) Further...
13 October 2016
Lecital made a presentation at the conference on phospholipids in Krasnodar (Russia) Further...