Lecithin fluid

The fluid lecithin is an essential supplement and an important component for food products. It is due to a combination of its lipophilic and hydrophilic properties that it is able to form sustainable emulsions in the oil-and-water and water-in-oil systems. Acting as a surface-active agent it reduces the force of surface tension of liquids and allows them to spread and absorb quickly and without lumps.

LECITAL Fluid Lecithin is widely used as an emulsifier in production of margarines, mayonnaise, cremes and puddings, sauces and ice-cream, and in a huge number of other applications. You can find a lot more information about how lecithin can benefit you or your business in our APPLICATIONS section.

The ability to reduce viscosity and improve flowability of the product makes it essential for producing of chocolate and chocolate coverings. In margarine industry it stabilizes the emulsion and improves spreadability. The addition of lecithin to biscuits and cakes ensures even distribution of fat, makes it easier to mix the dough, shortens cooking time and prevents it from sticking to the metal baking equipment.

To be added, Lecithin is an excellent agent to reduce the production time and prolong the shelf life of the final product.

We know everything about our products and how to make our customers exceed their expectations. LECITAL Fluid Lecithin is your best choice if you want to arrive at a product with excellent stabilizing, texturizing, and expansion properties. The application of our Lecithin goes far beyond the limits of food industry. It is also in a high demand for Feeds of all kinds, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and industrial applications.

You are welcome to explore more about your benefits in using our Lecithin. Contact our experts to enjoy one-stop shopping with us.

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