Rapeseed lecithin

Rapeseed or canola, as a source of raw material for lecithin, has appeared on the map in recent years in an effort to replace soy products. Rapeseed has shown a good track record in terms of NON- GMO status in Europe, and is considered a hypo allergen. Its functional behavior is uniform to that of Soy and Sunflower, which has led to a market entrance in increasing volumes. Rapeseed lecithin has a wide range of applications in food, feed, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. It is an essential ingredient, for use standard food applications, and has even shown some advantages for complex fat products such as margarine, salad dressings, etc.

Rapeseed Lecithin can be offered as a fluid lecithin, or in a de-oiled powder or granular form. 

Lecithin Fluid

Powder De-Oiled Lecithin

NON-GMO Lecithin

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