NON-GMO Lecithin

Lecital’s NGM lecithins are not subject to labeling since they are obtained from conventional soybeans; their origin and Genetic identity has been fully documented, audited and certified, by an IP system in which the original seeds are identified. In addition, PCR analysis results are provided for further protection. Each warehousing and logistic operation is also documented, audited and certified. This effort in total, ensures that labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the products in Foods and Feeds, produced from Lecital’s NGM lecithin is extraneous. We go a long way to make sure, that the purchase contracts are agreed exclusively with certified manufacturers, so that the lecithin identity can be traced from the origin of the seed to the ready-packed barrel or IBC container. All individual components such as sowing, harvesting and storage, as well as the various production stages and, of course, all logistical delivery routes are subject to strict controls and analytical investigations, so that the path from the bean to the final finished product, the lecithin, is in full compliance with legal legislation.

All of the above is Non-Applicable to Sunflower derived products, since luckily for all of us, Sunflower has not been Genetically Modified by anyone in the world.

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NON-GMO Lecithin

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