Drop in the export of Ukrainian sunflower oil

23 April 2021

Ukrainian sunflower oil exports plummeted to 381 Thd T in March (vs. 610 a year earlier), a 7-year low for the month of March 2021 as per Oilworld.biz. This statistical figure shows an immense contrast in the supply availability of the entire Sunflower oil market, with Ukraine being the biggest exporter.

 “One of the key factors behind the rise in sunflower prices was a decrease in yields last year, because the sunflower oil that is currently produced is produced from the sunflower of the previous harvest. Last year there was a drought that hit the south of Ukraine quite hard, where the largest areas of sunflower are concentrated.” This was stated by the General Director of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Roman Slasten. The current situation also translates to sunflower oil derivatives such as Sunflower lecithin. The market is experiencing overall shortage and sharp, almost weekly increases in price.
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