Non GMO Soy Lecithin news

19 May 2021

“Indian soybean crushings increased steeply by approximately 1.4 Mn T from a year ago

in Oct/March 2020/21 according to our estimates, resulting in a sharp increase of soya meal

exports. Soybean stocks were thus reduced rapidly and crushing will decline severely in the

second half of the season. Soybean imports are not yet an option since there are fears that

imported GM soybeans might be used as seed material”- as per 

 India’s soybean crop of 2020 was much less than estimated due to excessive rainfall during harvesting and pest diseases, Reuters said, citing a leading trade body. This sharp increase accounted for about 15% of the overall Indian crop, and will inevitably lead to a market deficit in all soybean derivatives.                                            

 India is a major supplier of Non GMO soybean lecithin and such market deviations will have a major impact on supply in the second half of 2021. 

 In this quickly changing Non GMO soy lecithin market scenario, Lecital is able to take advantage of a geographically diversified sourcing and is able to offer Non GMO soy lecithin from Russia, Argentina, and Brazil origin in addition to the Indian supply. Please contact us and we will do our best to become your long term lecithin partner. 

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17 May 2022
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4 May 2022
Non-Gmo Soy Lecithin - peanut allergen free from Lecital is currently available. The lecithin is of non-Indian origin. If interested please get in touch with me or through our website