The VI International Business Forum "World Soy"

22 June 2021

The VI International Business Forum "World Soy" has taken place in St. Petersburg


The VI International Business Forum "World Soy" has taken place in St. Petersburg On May 26-27, the VI International Business Forum "World Soy" was held in the Northern capital of Russia. This is the largest event of the soybean industry in Russia and it happened offline for a welcomed change. The business program included five sessions, in which more than 20 speakers shared their views of the market. The topics of the speeches touched upon a wide range of issues that are relevant today for the soybean industry: from the situation on the world markets, pricing, international trade potential, structure of the export market, modern technologies of soybean processing, breeding, seed production, the use of soybeans in animal feed. The topic of the rapid development of “soy meat” market and consumer demand was brought up by several speakers. Lecital was represented by Anton Ragulin who is the Head of the International Trade Operations and Maria Tikhomirova who is the Chief of Q & A and Compliance . It was important to meet with an extensive list of Russian crushers in an effort to understand their 2021 adversity and to discuss cooperation in the midst of this turbulent season. Please contact us for a market discussion or for a quote. Lecital would love to make lecithin simpler for you. BACK
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