Conference in Krasnodar

13 October 2016

Attended the conference on phospholipid in Krasnodar (Russia)

Lecital took part ant the conference “Phospholipids: New opportunities in technology, analytical chemistry and applications” on 11-15 October 2016 in Krasnodar (Russia).

Alex Kiriyenko, Managing Director of Lecital, made a presentation “Trends of the year: The link between the price increase for GMO soy lecithin, and a significant drop in the NON GMO soy lecithin pricing”.

Main topics
  • Modified and new types of primary products for the manufacture of lecithins and phospholipids.
  • Contemporary technologies of lecithin production (membrane and fermentative processes, liquid-liquid extraction and supercritical fluid extraction, molecular distillation, etc.);
  • Synergism of phospholipids and other nutrients in nutritional systems as new directions in nutritiology and medicine;
  • Global lecithin market;
  • Analytic and colloid chemistry of phospholipids.


Program and further information:

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