Testing incoming raw materials as well as lecithin at different stages of production is an integral part of our commitment to manufacturing the best lecithin products. Lecital has found that the same lecithin sample can produce quiet a range of results, depending on the laboratory one chooses. Because of this phenomenon we have tested with many well-known European labs, in order to find one which could be used as a reference to calibrate our plant laboratory against. This was done after a six-month trial period of careful standardization of our laboratory equipment, testing methodology, and solvents and other reagents.

Lecital in house laboratory is now confidently able to test the main seven physical parameters such as Acetone Insoluble matter (AI), Impurities content (HI, TI), Moisture content, Acid Value (AV), Peroxide Value (PV), Viscosity, Gardner Color. Microbiological analyses, Heavy Metals testing, Transgenic DNA testing and many other tests related to lecithin are outsourced to a qualified partner lab.

Lecital also conducts Research & Development with aim to optimize our own lecithin product line, as well as development of new lecithin products. For this purpose, we have formed an R & D alliance with the Ukrainian Oils & Fats Institute (UOFI), which provides us its faculty and personnel for all kinds of projects in lecithin. In turn we support them both financially and educationally, allowing post graduate training programs in our production facility. For Lecital it is a win-win concept, where we get access to the brightest UOFI graduates receiving experience in actual lecithin manufacturing facility, and we are able to recruit from the best.

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