Ukraine is the leading grower of Sunflower on the planet. For that reason, it was important, that our facility would have the optimal location to be able to benefit from ample supply of raw material. Our Production facility is situated close to Vinnytsia.

The region surrounding it with a 600 km radius,is by far, the biggest region of the world in terms of sunflower growth and crushing. It is also rich in Rapeseed growth, and is being more and more attributed for Non Gmo Soy harvesting. The plant is conveniently located with acess to the biggest Ukraine port, for fast and effective logistic operations.

The land surrounding the plant allows us to plan for future growth, as well as expansion of the current production, standardization, storage, and communications facilities. A deep water well on site gives us access to ample clean water, which is then thoroughly standardized and desalinized for our production needs.

The location surrounding the facility, is well known for its lakes, and forests, rivers, and healing mud baths. We are proud to say that Lecital does everything in its power to sustain and preserve this natural richness. We have ensured that both aerial and water residues are filtered out according to the EU highest standards. Lecital takes pride and responsibility for sustainable environmentally clean production approach.

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