Margarines & Oils

Due to its emulsifying features lecithin is commonly used in production of margarines and spreads both for household and commercial purposes as well as low fat spreads. It refines the texture and forms a stable and smooth consistency of a product, improving spreadability and mouth feel. Lecithin provides fine dispersion of fats and liquids in margarines, which reduces spattering and prevents sticking when frying thus keeping up kitchen comfort and safety.

Anti-sticking properties of lecithin make it a perfect and necessary ingredient in a wide range of cooking sprays for commercial use. As a release agent lecithin is used to provide easy removal of products from pans, tins, or belts, and also to help separate items from each other. In such cases lecithin-containing substances form a barrier between food products and surfaces, helping to release raw and end products of their molds and separate sliced foods.

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