We are industry professionals, who are committed to producing top quality lecithin products,
and organizing the highest level supply chains.
Our mission is to manufacture the highest
quality product for our customers
We are food industry professionals, who are specialised in
producing sauces and dressings. Our team consists of
experienced and dedicated workers.
Infatuation with Lecithin

We are a team of experts with over a decade of experience and deep knowledge of lecithin. Accepting your challenges, we create custom solutions that fully meet your individual requirements and help bring your product to perfection.

Lecital offers the whole range of lecithin-derived products. Headquartered in Vienna, with the help of our offices and hubs, we deliver products of supreme quality all over Europe as well as to Asia and Americas. Our products meet the highest EU requirements and standards.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers around the globe with excellent door-to-door service.

We at Lecital would love to discuss lecithin with you, and we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience.

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Use only natural and most high-quality raw materials
High-tech production makes it possible
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Spacious and clean warehouses
Modern technologies at every stage of production
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Plekhanovskaya St 117, Kharkov
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