17 May 2022
Sunflower Lecithin -
Currently available from Netherlands Further...
4 May 2022
Non-Gmo Soy Lecithin - peanut allergen free from Lecital is currently available. The lecithin is of non-Indian origin. If interested please get in touch with me or through our website
18 April 2022
The only type of lecithin which is not only Non-Gmo but is also Hyperallergenic.  Sunflower Lecithin from Lecital is currently available.

20 August 2021

Use of Lecithins in biscuits, crackers and sweet goods

By Susan Gurkin, Global Bakery Applications Manager at Cargill Food Ingredients / Texturant Systems

17 August 2021
India’s soybean crop does not look good at this point, with much diminished sowing area and insufficient rains depressing crop projections. Further...
22 June 2021
The VI International Business Forum "World Soy" has taken place in St. Petersburg with active participation by Lecital. Further...
14 June 2021
Soya oil demand increase in 2021- part 1 Further...
19 May 2021
“Indian soybean crushings increased steeply by approximately 1.4 Mn T from a year ago

in Oct/March 2020/21 according to our estimates, resulting in a sharp increase of soya meal

exports. Further...
30 April 2021
Good weather in Argentina will help speed up the soybean harvest. The pace of harvesting should increase soon as meteorologists expect the next week or two with good weather as per Oilworld. 
Unfortunately, it will not help the overall harvest which is plummeting down for the second year in row. According to the Rosario Grain Exchange, the forecast for the 2020/21 soybean crop is 45 million tons. The previous harvest was at the level of 50 million tons, while the 18/19 harvest was at the level of 56 million tons. This translates to a 10% drop from last year and almost 20% in two years. Argentina is the biggest exporter of Soybean oil in the world surpassing the combined export volume of Brazil, US, and EU (Index Mundi). Shortened crop inevitably has led to a shortage not only in the Soybean oil supply, but also in the derivatives such as lecithin. The lecithin demand is up worldwide after last year’s Covid slump, while the supply is not as ample. Large Argentine lecithin exporters are currently sold out, and are now in April offering August shipment contracts. The prices mirroring the overall trend have almost doubled in comparison to the same period of last year. Despite supply chain disruptions, and an overall unpredictability in the market, Lecital has adjusted to this new reality and is currently providing our customers with steady uninterrupted lecithin supply as per signed contracts. It is our current goal to make sure that everyone who has chosen us as their lecithin provider, feels confident that this typically minor ingredient which plays a major role in many applications will be supplied in accordance with agreements by the Lecital team. Please contact us for more details, so that we can make lecithin simple for you.
23 April 2021
Ukrainian sunflower oil exports plummeted to 381 Thd T in March (vs. 610 a year earlier), a 7-year low for the month of March 2021 as per This statistical figure shows an immense contrast in the supply availability of the entire Sunflower oil market, with Ukraine being the biggest exporter.

 “One of the key factors behind the rise in sunflower prices was a decrease in yields last year, because the sunflower oil that is currently produced is produced from the sunflower of the previous harvest. Last year there was a drought that hit the south of Ukraine quite hard, where the largest areas of sunflower are concentrated.” This was stated by the General Director of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Roman Slasten. The current situation also translates to sunflower oil derivatives such as Sunflower lecithin. The market is experiencing overall shortage and sharp, almost weekly increases in price.
In these turbulent times Lecital offers high quality Sunflower lecithin in both fluid and powder form. Please feel free to contact us for a quote. Lecital hopes to become your long term lecithin partner.
15 December 2017
Lecital ran a stand at the Food ingredients Frankfurt, Germany on 28-30 November 2017.

Fi Europe brings together the world's leading food and beverage suppliers, research and development, production and marketing specialists and  showcases the most diverse range of new and innovative ingredients and services. 

27 October 2016
Lecital attended the International Conference “Oilseed Industry” on 27.10.2016 (St Petersburg, Russia) Further...