Lecital produces various lecithin products from soy, sunflower and rapeseed in various compositions and qualities, produced using a new technology with exceptional properties in color, no impurities and emulsifying ability.

The properties of lecithin are extremely diverse. Lecithin is fundamentally "amphiphilic" because of its active molecules, one end of the molecule is lipophilic (fat friendly), whereas the other end is hydrophilic (water-friendly). The abundance of combinations of these two opposite properties gives countless innovative effects in lecithin.

Lecithin products have more than just emulsifying properties; they act as a mixing aid and provide more homogeneous mixing of various ingredients, can be used as a dispersant, stabilizer, wetting agent, and antioxidant.

Since discovery of Lecithin in 1850 it has proved to be one of the fundamental elements for a human health. Being a basic structural material for cell membrane, lecithin is a mainstay for our health. It supports immune system, decreases cholesterol level, acts as a high-power antioxidizing agent.

The far-ranging properties of Lecithin allow using it in a great variety of applications in both food and non-food industries. We offer you to explore your own benefits for both health and your business from the years of our expertise in a genuine nature of Fluid Lecithin. We are pleased to offer our exceptional quality Lecithin products of soya, sunflower and rapeseed origin.

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