De-oiled Lecithin Granules

Lecithin granules can be consumed and enjoyed as is, sprinkled lightly over servings of favorite salads and vegetables or blended into your preferred shakes, smoothies, squeezes and nut milks. Lecithin Granules are added to coffee for a silky creamy added flavor. They make all drinks somewhat thicker and increasingly smooth. Lecithin has an emulsifying impact, which implies that it tends to be utilized to blend oil based food items with water.

Soy Lecithin Granules are the most widely used ones on the market and are an important, well established product in Europe and Americas. Lecithin Granules are commonly used in Nutraceutical Applications for an extended list of health benefits. Mainly, Lecithin granules contain fatty acids that can activate cell receptors. Once activated, these receptors play a major role in controlling cell balance and metabolic process. Some health benefits are summarized below.

Sunflower Lecithin Granules are getting progressively well known, perhaps because of the necessity to pronounce allergens on labels. Additionally, the individuals who wish to keep away from genetically modified products would stand to benefit from picking sunflower lecithin. The extraction procedure is regularly gentler and is done by cold pressing of Sunflower kernels instead of with chemical solvents.


● Liver Health

● Cholesterol reduction

● Enhanced cognitive function

● Absorption of Drugs and Supplements

● Improved immune function

● Stress Control

● Brain Health

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