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Lecital is a family-based medium-sized company focused solely on lecithin products.  This means that we have made it our life's work becoming lecithin experts so that you don't have to. Our main focus is to make your lecithin purchase stress free and simple. Our customers are companies who have a stronghold on their local market, and have lecithin requirements from 1MT to 1000MT.

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Lecital is a lecithin producer, with our own factory which also specializes in standardizing lecithin to many different specifications as per your need.

Because we are in lecithin for over 20 years, we have developed trustful partnerships with many of our lecithin manufacturing colleagues, and are now able to supply you almost any lecithin from different parts of the world.

We at Lecital understand that we not only have to provide you with great quality lecithin but also deliver it to you as fast and as simple as possible.  For this we have 9 logistics experts out of two offices working to make your shipments arrive fast and safe.  Meet them here.
Here are some recommendations from our long-term customers about our work. 

Please request free samples  of our products here.

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We started bringing product from a US compay called Riceland to Russia and developing end customer lecithin distribution system.
We formed an alliance with Cargill lecithin to exclusively represent a line of over 70 lecithin products on the Markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and all other post-Soviet territories.
We opened a sister company in Ukraine with a sales office and a warehouse, targeting food industry, to soon become the biggest lecithin distributor in Ukraine.
We saw an opportunity to not only distribute imported lecithin, but to also introduce our own products to Europe, and then the world.
We were able to form alliances in Asia and start supplying significant lecithin volumes to that region, changing the local lecithin landscape of certain markets to the current system.
Lecital production facility is based in the heart of Europe. We strategically planned it to have ample raw material for Sunflower Rapeseed and Soy lecithin. Lecital's plant is built for the production capacity of 1,000 metric tons of lecithin per month.
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