Production Facility

Production Facility

Lecital production facility is based in the heart of Europe. We strategically planned it to have ample raw material for Sunflower Rapeseed and Soy lecithin. Lecital's plant is built for the production capacity of 1,000 metric tons of lecithin per month. Our storage capacity is 400 metric tons of lecithin temperature controlled.

Lecital's lecithin standardization unit combines the latest technology with modern equipment. We are able to modify the following parameters as per your requirement:


∙ Acetone Insolubles % content (phospholipids)

∙ Viscosity

∙ Color

∙ Impurities % content

∙ Peroxide value

∙ Acid Value

∙ Moisture % content

∙ Microbiology

Lecital has an in house labaratory calibrated with a well-known European lab. We test our lecithin thoroughly on different stages of production as per AOCS testing methods.

Lecital responsibly provides a safe and modern workplace for 36 employees, as per FSSC 22000 regulations, and best workplace sustainability practices.