Instant Foods

The fast pace of modern life requires smart solutions. Instant products in powder form are very simple to use and help to save time, that is why they are so popular nowadays. Every day we use such products as:

● instant coffee

● milk products

● protein shakes

● instant beverages, such as cocoa and chocolate drinks, etc.

But the quality of these and many other instant products directly depends on the appropriate technology applied to its production. The final instant product must have high sinking and solubility but still must preserve the original properties. We know how to meet the highest requirements of our customers. LECITAL Lecithin is a solution to your instants.

instant coffee

Function of Lecithin in Instant Foods

The quality of instant foods depends on the process of dissolution used in each specific case. And almost each time the process of dissolution is optimized when a surface-active agent is applied, which moreover, improves the regenerating property and wettability of the final product.

The choice of surface-active agent becomes crucial when it comes to production of high-quality instant products. In this case Lecithin proves to be the most effective since responding with a complete solution for instant powders. During lecithinization the powder is covered with a surface-active agent which compensates both swelling of hydrophilic surface and insufficient wetting of hydrophobic particles, thus bringing the main benefits for instant products.

Key benefits of Lecithin in Instant Foods

Acting as a surface-active solvent, Lecithin ensures the most essential properties to instant powders:

● high wettability and dissolubility

● good dispersibility

● pure homogeneous, stable and smooth structure of the product

Moreover, Lecithin prevents the powder from dusting and lumping and facilitates further processing. It promotes long-lasting shelf life and preserves the original taste and flavor of your final product.

Multifunctional nature of Lecithin allows to take advantage in a great variety of instant food applications which include but are not limited to whey concentrates, instant soups and sauces, caseinates, whole and skimmed milk powders and others. Contact us to explore more about using lecithin in your instant product.

Let us design our Lecithin solution especially for you in an instant.

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