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Application of lecithin plays a crucial role in bakery, for it improves the quality of dough, ensures even mixing, and enhances the baking process in general. Improved fat dispersion results in total reduction of amounts of fat needed, thus adding light and uniform pore structure of the dough. This, in turn, extends shelf life of breads, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods, keeping them moist and tender.

Moreover, stabilizing and emulsifying properties of lecithin are essential in deep-frozen doughs production. These components inhibit the growth of ice crystals,consequently preventing cracking and drying of frozen products.

As for confectionery, lecithin helps decreasing the viscosity of chocolate mass, this results in better fluidity and smoothness. It also saves the costly cocoa butter, which allows cutting the expenses. The emulsifying properties and anti-sticking effect of lecithin prevents the recrystallization of sugar in toffees, caramels, and gums.

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