Lecital Lecithin as a release agent:

Anti-sticking properties of lecithin make it a perfect and necessary ingredient in a wide range of cooking sprays for commercial use. As a release agent lecithin is used to provide easy removal of products from pans, tins, or belts, and also to help separate items from each other. In such cases lecithin-containing substances form a barrier between food products and surfaces, helping to release raw and end products of their molds and separate sliced foods. Nowadays experts more often consider lecithin as a healthy natural and an economical alternative for use as a release agent in different industries. Lecithin blends well with both oils and water, making an protective layer during continuous cooking/freezing/bakery between surface and food.

∙ Separation of food from contact surfaces, making it easier to clean the belt, pan or mold

∙ Prevention of sticking of products to each other, sticking of slices or to the cutting knives, extruders or conveyors

∙ Enhancement of the ability to cut and shape a product in bakery, cheese and meat production

∙ Optimization of crust/dough properties

∙ Less frequent cleaning of equipment

∙ Release of belts from the molds

∙ In asphalt road technology for better tire release

The advantages of our LECITAL Lecithin:

∙ Low insolubles in hexane that can affect the surface of the finished product.

∙ Lower caloric level than oil

∙ Available for spray or brush applications and Less overspray

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